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Why We Resist Taking Meds

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Why do we resist taking meds? Why does it feel like such a big deal and put up such a good fight? Maybe because we buy into the idea that we need to meditate and yoga our way out of it. Bike ride through it, draw through it, dance and listen to music through it.

I prescribe them all the time and have seen how helpful they can be for folks. Lots of people feel like they need do it on their own.

So here is the thing, nothing is wrong with you. You didn't do anything wrong. You are not in trouble. You are not bad nor getting punished. You are not a quitter. You have not failed just because you need to take meds. The truth is that you are brave and courageous. You are making it less hard to get better and getting out of the way of helping yourself.

A medicine isn't magic pill, all of my 'problems' will not go away. You will still have your down days, but you won't feel as anxious, depressed or obsessive. It can take the edge off, so it'll be easier to get out of bed, go for a bike ride and continue self-care.

Bless these meds!

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