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Personalized Psychiatric Private Practice


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... you are exactly where you're suppose to be! 

Cares About You

Listens Deeply To You 

Honors Your Journey

My Private Practice Philosophy

Psychiatry directly translates into "the healing of the soul.

I am honored to humbly walk alongside you on your healing journey, aligning your body, mind, and soul for optimal health, wellbeing and transformation.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

― Rumi

Psychiatric Services

I trust in your innate wisdom and healing process.

I provide personalized and compassionate care that addresses the root cause of your ailments with holistic solutions.


Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

I deeply listen to you and I am dedicated to understanding your unique story and health concerns. Through active listening and thoughtful questioning, I aim to uncover the root causes of your ailments. I conduct a thorough medical history review and may order lab work to investigate any underlying medical issues related to thyroid, iron-deficiency anemia, or vitamin deficiencies. Using a holistic approach, I develop personalized recommendations that align with your needs and values. Together, we will discuss healing options and move forward collaboratively, one step at a time.


Research demonstrates that medications work the best when it is paired with psychotherapy. I use an eclectic mix of therapies including Internal Family Systems, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I am also influenced by the Polyvagal Theory and somatic healing theories such as Somatic Experiencing and EMDR. These are fancy words for: me listening to you and us working together to address your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and your nervous system's response to stress. We will explore what is getting in the way of your healing and how you can become unstuck. We can also take a look at intergenerational trauma or inherited trauma and use the power of ancestral healing. We will work together to empower you by building awareness, insight and developing coping strategies. Issues live in the tissues and feeling leads to healing! 

Medication Management 

Considering medications can be a tough decision, whether it be starting, stopping, increasing them or weaning off. Sometimes self-help only goes so far in providing relief and sometimes medications have served their purpose and it's time to try to wean off of them. Together, we will explore your values, needs and thoughts surrounding medications and make an informed decision that's right for you. Taking medications doesn't have to be forever - it can be a temporary tool to help you through a rough patch and enable you to benefit more fully from self-care. I'm here to support you every step of the way. 

Body-Mind Medicine 

I believe in the integration and union of body, mind and soul. I help connect you to your inner wisdom using modalities such as mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques and creativity. 


Spirituality can play an important part of your well-being. I see spirituality as a broad and inclusive concept, encompassing beliefs and practices that give meaning and purpose to life. I also understand that spirituality or even religion can be a source of conflict and distress for some folks. Religious trauma, religious resentments, spiritual bypassing, spiritual materialism and spiritual consumerism can show up as well. In addition, you might had a spiritual belief as a child, but struggle now, you might be angry with 'God' or maybe you don't have any relationship with a concept greater than yourself. You might consider yourself an atheist or agnostic. You might deny the existence of God, are unsure, search for proof or may not be concerned about these matters. I provide support and guidance as you navigate through these challenges and to gain a healthy relationship with spirituality and/or religion. Interestedly, research has shown that having a deep connection to a loving presence whether it be called 'God, Allah, Unconditional Love, Great Mystery, Creative Intelligence, Spirit of the Universe' is beneficial to one's mental health. Ultimately, my goal is to support you in achieving a sense of wholeness and balance in all aspects of their lives, including your spiritual well-being. 

 Herbal & Plant-Based Medicine

I use natural supplements to support your treatment which can allow us to use fewer medications for a shorter time, or be able to use lower doses.

Genetic Testing

I use genetic testing as a tool to see which medication may be best for you. 

Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

Wellness includes physical, emotional, social and spiritual health. We will explore your relationships to nutrition, joyful movement and sleep so you can be at your optimal health. I help bring your goals into reality.

Ecological Distress Support 

Do you feel overwhelmed, fearful, or helpless when you hear about melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and devastating natural disasters? It can be hard to even recognize and name this feeling. You might be grappling with the very real feeling of ecological distress or climate grief. Acknowledging and addressing these feelings is a crucial step towards healing and empowerment. Grieving is so brave and it means that you deeply love our planet. I am here to support you in this process and to help you find a sense of empowerment amidst the challenges we face. Together, we can process and navigate the complex emotions that arise in response to ecological distress.

Psychedelic Integration Therapy 

Psychedelic experiences can be transformative and confusing. If you have had a psychedelic experience in the past, I can help you explore the insights and challenges that emerged during your experience, and work with you to integrate those learnings into your life in a meaningful way. It is important to note that I do not currently provide or facilitate the use of psychedelic substances in my practice, but rather focus on supporting individuals in the integration and processing of their experiences. 

Areas of Focus 

I treat conditions not limited to those listed below; however, these are my specialty areas. 

Heart-Centered Values





Every decision we make together about your care is aligned and grounded in love. 

Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment

Investing In Your Inner Peace

  • Initial Consultation (90 min)
    Includes: ✓ Comprehensive pre-session questionnaire to assess past psychiatric history, medical history, lifestyle habits, and goals for treatment. ✓ Ordering and interpreting basic lab testing ✓Treatment can include medication management and/or psychotherapy ✓ Follow up appointments scheduled as needed (25 or 50 minutes) ✓ Personalized treatment recommendations based on your needs and preferences. Initial Consultation (90 min): $525
  • Follow up appointment (50 minutes)
    Includes: ​ ✓ Psychotherapy and/or Judicious medication management ✓ Customized optimization of supplements/herbal options based on your labs, genetics, and symptoms ✓ Sleep, nutrition, joyful movement optimization Follow up appointment (50 minutes): $375 for Medication Management and/or Psychotherapy
  • Follow up appointment (25 minutes)
    Includes: ✓ Judicious use of medication management Follow up appointment (25 minutes): $275 * Please note that follow up appointments for medication management are typically 25 minutes; however, I may recommend scheduling a 50 minute appointment to allow for more time to discuss complex issues regarding medications, lab results and/or integrative approaches.

Choosing to invest in your mental health is an important decision and will have a profound impact on your life. My fees are a reflection of the dedicated time, expertise, and personalized attention I provide you. By working together, you are not only prioritizing your well-being; you're partnering with a medical doctor committed to helping you achieve your goals in a supportive and caring environment.

Please note that I do not accept insurance or work with insurance companies directly, but I can provide an itemized receipt or superbill that may allow you to get some reimbursement from your insurance company if you have out-of-network benefits. I do not offer a sliding scale or discounted rates. My fees as outlined below are the same for all patients.

Let's Get Started!

Once you have filled out the interest form on the Request An Appointment Page, select a time for a friendly 20 minute chat to see if we are a good match. 

There's absolutely no pressure or obligation – it's simply an opportunity for us to connect and discuss how I can support you on your mental health journey.


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