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Please read my intake process, services and office polices to see if we are a good fit! 

Thank you for considering working with me in my practice. This page is to outline the basics of my intake process, services, and office policies so you can be informed in making a decision in whether to work with me.

Please note that I am licensed in California only and therefore am only able to see patients who are located in the state of California or willing to travel to California.

Although patients must be located in California to work with me, I am currently only offering video appointments.

I do not accept insurance or negotiate with insurance companies. My practice is fee-for-service meaning that patients are self-pay. I do provide a superbill that you can submit to your insurance (if you have out of network health benefits) for partial reimbursement, although I can not guarantee your insurance will reimburse for my fees. Please note that I do not offer sliding scale or discounted rates.


Quality mental health care is a valuable investment and will have a profound impact on your life.

Together, we'll help you achieve lasting positive change in your life. 

​Initial Psychiatry Consultation (90 mins): $525

  • Comprehensive pre-session questionnaire to assess past psychiatric history, medical history, lifestyle, and goals for treatment.

  • Personalized treatment recommendations based on your needs and preferences can include:

    • Psychotherapy and/or Judicious medication management 

    • Ordering and Interpreting Basic lab testing

    • Customized optimization of supplements/herbal options based on your labs, genetics, and symptoms

    • Sleep, nutrition, joyful movement optimization

Follow up Visit for Psychotherapy, Integrative Approaches, and/or Medication Management (50 min.): $375

Follow up Visit for Medication Management (25 min.): $275

Lab Fees

Specific lab testing is discussed during our sessions and ordered as clinically indicated based on your symptoms and goals.

Basic Lab Testing: Cost of lab test is billed to insurance (copay may apply), No Lab Review Fee.

Genomic Testing: Cost of lab test — billed to insurance (copay may apply), Lab Review Fee - $99

Frequency of Visits

Please note that regular and weekly psychotherapy visits are essential in effective and meaningful therapy. We will build on the insights gained from the previous session each week and adjust frequency of visits as needed. After the initial appointment, I would like to follow-up within 1-4 weeks during the initial phase of medication treatment and schedule every 4-6 weeks as treatment progresses.


Please note that follow up appointments for medication management are typically 25 minutes; however, in less common instances, I may recommend scheduling a 50 minute appointment to allow for more time to discuss complex issues regarding medications, lab results or integrative approaches.


I accept all credit cards which are charged on the day of your appointment. A valid credit card is required to book appointments.


To change or cancel your appointment without incurring a fee, please inform me at least 48 business hours before your appointment. Changes made after this will result in a late cancellation fee of 50% of the charge of the appointment. 

At this time, I do not complete documentation for FMLA or disability paperwork, school absences, work accommodations.

What I do not currently provide care for:

  • Emergency or crisis situations (suicidal or homicidal thinking, self-harm, or risk of harm to others)

  • Active psychosis (hallucinations or delusions)

  • Substance use in active medical detox

Good Faith Estimate

A good faith estimate of annual expected charges is available at your request.

Let's Get Started! 

Now Accepting New Patients
Book a Free 20 Minute Intro Today!

If you are interested in working with me or still unsure,
feel free to fill out this form and book a free 20 minute introductory phone call.

During this call, I am happy to answer questions you may have about my practice approach before scheduling the initial consultation. 



I am aware that I need to be located in or be willing to travel to California for licensing reasons.
I have reviewed the above fee structure and billing practices and I agree to pay the above fees if I decide to work with Dr. Velez. I am also aware that Dr. Velez does not accept insurance.
I understand that at this time appointments are done via video only.
I have reviewed Dr. Velez's Private Practice page and am aware of her practice style and service offerings. I am interested in:

Thank you and I look forward to being in touch soon!

Please note that this phone call will not establish a doctor-patient relationship and the intention of this call is to answer general questions rather than offer specific medical advice.

If you are in need of help with a medical or psychiatric emergency including suicidal or homicidal thinking, medication side effects, symptoms of withdrawal, or any other urgent or time-sensitive matter, do not use this form and instead please call 911 or present to the nearest emergency room.

Hi there! Before you choose a time below, make sure you've filled out the form above.
This will ensure that our initial phone call is confirmed.

“You are stronger than you know. More capable than you ever dreamed. And you are loved more than you could possibly imagine.” — Unknown 

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