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Shaking Out The Numb

It was a Monday. I drove an hour and a half into the city on a November night to see one of my favorite bands! Sylvan Esso!! The best parking spot found me. A woman parked behind me and we were both in awwwe. We were like is this right?? God nodded yes. I then was welcomed by a really nice greeter who asked me if I was cold, but I couldn't feel it from the excitement and maybe from taking cold showers and from still swimming in the Atlantic ocean. The voter registration folks greeting us were very nice too! Shout out!

I went inside the music venue and the crowd was growing and bustling to the seams. I found a corner in the back to dance next to the bar and an exit sign. I was jumping, twisting, moving and releasing with each song. Then!! My favorite song!! There was a distinct moment where there was an opening, a clearing and I was given a choice. In a micro-second, I decided to break through, shaking out the numb. Not much of a decision, just more of a Yes. It was sort of scary at first, but then there was a comfort and a knowing. I dance nodded my head into something else. Something left me and space was created.

Security came up to me and asked if I was okay and I replied, “Yes, I’m super sober. I’m just high off of life.” The bartender then came up to me and asked, “Do you need water? You’re killing it!” Not sure what they saw exactly. I just know I shook out the numb.

So grateful for you both Amelia and Nick and your whole team!! Thank you for sharing your gifts and dreams with us all! Lots of continued love and blessings!! <3333333!!!!!

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