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Psych Sounds and Visions #1- Lost My Mind

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Pysch Sounds and Visions Series aims to share music, art and poetry that are in a cadence with the rhythms of our mental health and emotional lives. The intention is not to romanticize or sensationalize MH illness, as these conditions can bring dysfunction, isolation and pain. The wish is to honor the thoughts, feelings and emotions that music embodies.

May harmonies, melodies and lyrics be shared that resonate with this rich, human experience and that they may touch those deep places we would rather not notice.

The commentary to the music and art selections may take form of stream of consciousness, poetry, stories, and countless other ways to relate.

Feel free to share how you may relate to the music selections including experiences, feelings, interpretations, and more music that have helped heal, shape, soothe, access and integrate our many parts.

Lost My Mind by Will Van Horn

The lazy steel guitar brings me to a tropical breeze in the Northeast on a Sunday, but I’ve lost track of the days. I can’t seem to find my hat or keys, but there is no need for either because I just sink into my seat. It’s warm inside yet I can feel the cold barren trees. It hasn’t snowed much this winter and there are gaps of dull sunshine among the sullen clouds and bright dreariness. The day turns swiftly into night and I can see the dim stars twinkling in a knowing. There is a loosened space yet tightness, being held, almost supported. There is a floaty steadiness, repetitive, and figured out certainty of the uncertainty. Spring grounds me in, the blossoming magnolias, contrasted by the yellow forsythia shrubs and deep blue heavenly skies.

The title "Lost My Mind," also has me thinking. Where is the mind? How does one lose one's mind? Do we lose it to find it? I tend to "lose my mind," when I lengthen the rope between my body and mind and sink into the breath of the here and now. I remember that I am not my thoughts and they are not me. By losing the mind, I find the true self.

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