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Hiya! I’m Vanessa! I am That I Am, a daughter, sister, friend and a psychiatry resident artist inspired by nature, people, travel, relationships, connection and Divine Source/Universe/God (insert whichever word you best relate to or not :)!

I started to nurture my creativity seed in middle school and then began to water it again after college, while I mentored and tutored middle school students. After mentoring for a year, I found art's complementary color, psychiatry, in medical school! 

Both art and psychiatry share abstraction, the unknown, and the unexplored. Both reside along the frontier of color and of the mind. Both can help align the mind, body, and soul. Through the practice of art, we begin to unite with our true nature and to unidentify with our bodies and thoughts. Through the expression of mood states, experiences and life, we can dive deeper into our subconscious, give it form and color, and enter a meditative space. This space is one of being, embodying our wholeness, and connecting with our Divine Intelligence.

With this time on Earth, I would like to find joy and pleasantness within myself and to live bravely. I would also like to support integrative and creative modalities in psychiatry such as art!