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Wow! We Graduated Psychiatry Residency!

Dear Vanessa,

I AM SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU!!! You did it with the whole village of family, friends and angels! Every seemly set back, every difficulty was all for your highest good! You have grown, learned and expanded so much! I am so excited for all you are going to continue doing and everyone you are going to help. I am blessing your private practice infinitely. I am blessing each patient, each session, each therapy and medication. Everyone that walks through your virtual doors will learn, grow, expand and be healed. I am so excited for you and your patients!! I believe in you! Remember this moment, that angels and love are always guiding the way. To always trust that with Love everything and anything can be happen!

PS. You also won the Dr. Raymond Handbury Award for Psychotherapy because you care and you love! May Ray and also Dr. Miller's guidance, wisdom and faith be will you always.

Thank you! We love you!

Congratulations!!! Yay!!! We did it!!!

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